02 February 2007


Having my ICT from 29 Jan til 10 Feb and I already felt the heat when I saw what's th programme like online from www.ns.sg .
Today is off-in lieu as this weekend (starting tomorrow morning) til the coming Friday (9th Feb) will be out field.......
To that sargent who called me and those excused field duties (by the MO) lobos - Yes we excused field duties but you think your breakfast that morning found its way to the store all by itself (so that you guys can wake up at 9am and not miss it?) bloody hell; yes you all went for training till very late, but I also did not get to sleep until you guys return and yet I had to wake up at 6.30am to go cook house to ta pau breakfast for the whole company. There are those guys who are also lobos and stayed in their bunk the whole time and who only show their faces during meals time and booking out, why I never see you get them to help with the chairs moving thing?
Use your brain!