26 September 2006

Singapore Idol 2006 - Hardy Mirza

I think he has the right moves, versatility and unique voice to sing any genre.

His rendition of "You Gave Me Wings" was soulful and touching. (thou I was wondering if it will be the new ad song for Whisper.......:P just kidding)

Hardy Mirza - Singapore Idol 2006!

20 September 2006

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Hong Kong is just a wonderful city to visit. It's vibrant and fast paced. People there tend to walk very fast.

I've been to Hong Kong a few times, I think I prefer it during the cooler season. Mid Oct onwards. However during which shopping for clothing wise would be pretty limited as clothes of thicker materials or longer sleeves would be 'in' fashion then - which would then be not very applicable for our all summer type of climate back here in Singapore. Still if you like to walk down a long stretch of shopping belt like as if the whole street is 'air-conditioned' or like Genting Highlands, then it would be a nice time to visit Hong Kong.

In any case, this visit during Jun saw a hotter climate in Hong Kong. As I've visited Victoria Peak during my previous trip there, I decided to give it a miss this round.

Instead I went to the Disneyland there - it's my first visit to any Disneyland.

I went during a Sunday and was found out that contrary to what I had thought, Sunday (or weekends) Disneyland would see a lesser crowd due to the higher admission charges.

To get there, we took the MTR and you have to switch to the special Disney Train.


The queue for Winnie the Pooh ride was 40 mins.......phew.....shows how popular Winnie is.

One of the attractions that I like there was the 4-D theatre. Think we have something similar in Sentosa which I've yet been to.....but I really enjoyed the 4-D (not the ToTo or 4-D by Singapore Pools) theatre..... I felt like a kid again while watching the show. You have to put on the special glasses and you'll be treated to sights and smells and spurts of water at your face, very well coordinated with the scripts of the show.

15 September 2006

Screaming Audience

A reader wrote in to TODAY with regards to the screaming audience during the recent President's All Star Charity Show and how they spoilt her viewing experience.

I think the same goes for Singapore Idol audiences. They don't seem to know when to stop screaming....in fact they don't stop at all. They scream when the idol hopefuls appear, when the idols are singing, even when the judges are giving them advice. Look at American idol, do you see Ryan Seacrest shouting when he hosts the show? Gurmit sometimes have to shout in order to be heard.

Pls lah, give the judges a chance to speak even tho sometimes we don't necessarily agree with what they have to say. Show some maturity.

06 September 2006

Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter

It's so sad to hear of his demise. I love watching Steve Irwin's documentaries.

My condolences to the Australian Zoo and Steve's family.