27 October 2007

Time After Time

Originally sang by Cyndi Lauper......nice song that brings back memories.....

They don't write songs like that anymore.......

23 October 2007

Respect but never Expect?

Respect but never Expect?

但是要别人Respect 是comes naturally 的?
还是要earn the respect from people?

我觉得要我respect you as a fellow human being 没有问题
如果你能earn my respect, 我会加倍的respect 你

我会打从心里的respect 他们

就作威作虎, 其实不过是空城一座罢了
不要说是Respect, 我反而看不起那些人!

22 October 2007

Smokers irrational, like animals: M'sia cleric

Saw the following from Asiaone website:-

KUALA LUMPUR - SMOKERS are like animals that do not think rationally, a Malaysian hardline Islamist cleric said at the weekend.

Islam discourages the faithful from smoking, just as it bars them from alcohol, said Mr Nik Aziz Nik Mat, spiritual leader of the Parti Islam se-Malaysia, which seeks to turn the country into an Islamic state that punishes thieves by lopping off their hands.

Smokers did not use their brains because they continued to let themselves be addicted to the habit, despite knowing it was bad for their health, the Star newspaper quoted Mr Nik Aziz as saying.

'People who do not want to think are like animals,' Mr Nik Aziz told the launch of an anti-smoking campaign in Kota Baru, the capital of Malaysia's north-eastern state of Kelantan, which is his party's last remaining bastion.

Mr Nik Aziz, himself a non-smoker, has earlier said smokers would not be included among his party's candidates at Malaysia's next general elections, widely expected to be called as soon as early next year. -- REUTERS

19 October 2007

The following not directed at anyone.

Once on a mrt train I saw a man boarded the mrt train at the Novena station.......carrying those brown envelopes, those carrying x-ray type. His eyes were bloodshot like he just cried his heart out. Tho he is a total stranger but somehow I feel an immediate heartache for him.

I thought about what must be going thru his mind now.........

"do I tell them?"
"what will they do if one day I lost this battle....."
"If only I've listened....."

08 October 2007

Death At A Funeral

If you only have time for a movie this week and comedy gets you going......I would recommend you to catch Death At A Funeral.

It's proof of Murphy's Law - right from the start of the movie when the funeral director brings in the wrong body. It is hilariously funny from start to end. A bit of dark humour at play with a very cleverly thought out plot.