16 January 2007

KL and Port Dickson

Went to KL 2 weekends ago and it was the first time I went to The Curve - which is rather near 1 Utama.

The Water Chalets

Also my first visit to Port Dickson ......Stayed at the A'villion Village Resort.

Very neat and tidy room that even comes with a day bed (near the window overlooking the sea).The rooms are very clean and tidy...only some of the desk, cupboard looks a bit old. Even so its a very nice and well maintained resort. One thing I like very much about this resort (amongst other things) is that the pool (one of the two pools within the resort) is open 24 hours.

The Village Pool

A view of the bathtub & Shower from the room

U can see the stars when you shower at night....

Went for a walk during low tide.........

There was this army of tiny little crabs scrurrying with their own agenda.....they were very quick to zip into their hideouts or dig fresh ones when you approach.....like the ones you see above are about the diammeter of a 5 cent coin or so - think the biggest was just slightly bigger than a 10 cent coin.

The Swedish Ship East Indiaman Götheborg docking at Vivo City.