17 July 2006

I was pretty disappointed with the fact that mr brown's column got suspended. mr brown's column appears every Friday in TODAY's free paper. You may find out more about what happened from his blog www.mrbrown.com
My last blog I wrote about inconsiderate people and the very next day I got to witness and experience more selfishness on board the shuttle bus I take every day. It was a crowded morning as usual and more so especially since they extended to route to the sports school near my house....ok now you know I stay in Woodlands. The bus I boarded was pretty crowded but there was still space near the 1st door of the bus but a few passengers simply refuse to budge.
The bus arrived at the next stop and there was plenty of people there wanting to board the bus as well. I did what evey civic minded person would do and moved inner and to my horror I found a space there that could have easily fit in a baby elephant. I could tell from the faces of the passengers who were also standing around that they were just happy and contented that they are already on board the bus and couldn't care less if the people at the next stop are left stranded to wait for the next bus.
I feel very disgusted with such attitudes. I strongly feel that if we were want to progress to be a world class nation, we got to progress to be a more civic minded society. No wonder we are rated at the bottom 10 of world's most courteous cities.



I went to Macau and Hong Kong in Jun 06. This is my second visit to Macau. The first one was umpteen years ago. Macau has undergone plenty of changes. Still quite a fair bit of conservation is done on some of the historical buildings and I find the Portuguese style arhitecture to be quite interesting.

I went to the theme park Fisherman's Wharf and it wasn't
crowded as I had expected it to be. Perhaps it's due to the fact that it was a weekday. Entry to the park is free, however you'll need to pay for the rides/performance/certain theme sections.
The theme park is located right in front of a pretty famous hotel /casino and is the first thing you'll see on route to the Macau city from the airport.
Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is mainly divided into 3 themed sections:
(1)Dynasty Wharf(2)East Meets West(3)Legend Wharf

Dynasty Wharf is a replica of Tang Dynasty architectures with an international array of products to satisfy your shopping desire.
East Meets West is a children entertainment and functional area which includes a mixture of F&B outlets, multi-functional live show venues, convention and exhibition facilities, various family rides, all set in a uniquely themed environment which incorporated both Eastern and Western cultural elements.
I was feeling adventurous with my travel khaki and we decided to take the first bus that came around. That was after we shopped at Yaohan, and popped by a small eatery to fill our stomachs. I remember it was bus Service no. 10 and it brought us all the way to the border in between Macau and China.......:P, Well we just took the same service from the "bus interchange" there and somehow as luck would have it, we reached the main square, Largo do Senado, with its Portuguese pavement of wave-patterned stones and globular fountain which was pretty near the famous St Paul's Cathedral.
I think a trip to Macau would not be complete if you did not go to the Macau Tower.

Nice View from the Tower - From the highest viewing deck it is possible to see 55km away!

On the 58/F Observation Lounge, there's the glass floor. Looking down as you walk on the floor made me dizzy.

We waited for a while before the crowd there dispersed before deciding to try the Sky Walk. Still as you can see, the other curious visitors there followed us around.....haha.
I was pretty lucky I guess to be able to locate a famous eatery at Taipa that serves the famous local delight "猪扒饱" Pork Chop Bun -

It was said that this famous shop makes and sells more than 300 pork chop buns per day. It was pretty good except that perhaps when we were there (around 4pm) the buns were I 'm guessing not cooked to order but produced in bulk, (think around 3pm) and so the pork chops were not piping hot as I would like it to be. Ironically, located diagonally accross the road from this shop was a MacDonald's....quite an interesting contrast.

Another historical site not to be missed would be the St Paul's Cathedral Ruins.

There you'll also find generous shop owners stuffing into your hands the local tibits or asking you to sample the BBQ meats.

Of course while in Macau, you gotta visit the casinos even if you don't gamble.

Here's me outside one of the casino.....feels like a Pharoah....

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12 July 2006

This is my first time writing a blog.

Not sure if anyone will read it. :)

Anyway I've wanted to start a blog to express how I really feel. Think it is a great way to de-stress after a hard day's work.

Here I hope to share my views on current affairs / what I observe is happening / my feelings / travelling experiences as well as photos.

First off I just wish to reflect that lately it seems that more and more people are just so into themselves. When I was in Hongkong 2 weeks ago, I noticed that they also have the campaign for people using the escalator to keep to their right.(Over here in Singapore, it's keeping left) I was pleasantly surprised that the people in Hong Kong do follow this 'rule' strigently. However and sadly I can't say the same for Singapore. Although I must say that I do see a slight improvement compared to the past when the keeping left while riding on the escalator campaign started.

However this seems only to be the case at escalators at MRT station - where they pasted signs to encourage people to keep left, but I doubt that most people even notices them as they are not prominently displayed and I see many people do not keep left when they are on the escalators in shopping centres. I believe there should be more media attention given to educate people with regard to this social etiquette which most people here are lacking of. Most people are just so self centred that they do not spare a thought for others who may be in a hurry.

I think we should change our mindset to tell ourselves that the escalator is a tool to aid our ascend or descend and not to completely rely on it. We should try if possible to keep left and better yet to make an effort to climb up while on the escalator instead of fully relying on it.l Afterall a little excercise never hurts.

I wish more people will be more considerate and be more mindful or sensitive to others around them.