30 April 2007

They should showcase those person around the smoker - their emotions.

I can't say for sure that smoking killed my dad, but it's definitely a contributing factor. It's unbearable to see someone close to you go thru the suffering - the angioplastry and other treatments. My maternal grandfather died of complications arising out of lung cancer. Till this date I'll never forget what the doctor said to my mum when my grandfather was running a high temperature and slipping in and out of consciousness - 'the cancer tumour has spread to his brain, there is not just one but many tumours and they are growing in size. There's only so much space in the head and so they are squashing the brain and have damaged the portion regulating the body temperature.......". Imagine being at the receiving end of this piece of news regarding someone you care.

Sometimes they only highlight that smoking may cause lung cancer, but they don't showcase the complications that may arise or the fact that if you have lung cancer, it doesn't necessary mean you die of lung failure only.

So that's why I say, even if you don't care for yourself, show that you care for your partner by quiting smoking.

That's why I hate to see someone light up a cigarette in front of me.......

On a lighter - not that lighter for fire - note, I have this crazy crazy 'song kram' inspired idea of our NEA officers going around with water pistols or 'super soakers' on every first Wednesday of the month (in conjunction with BYOB day) - environmentally friendly mah - to extinguish cigarettes when they see people light up.....haha.