29 March 2007

Quit - Smoking.

There's been much criticism over Singapore NEA's recent hard-hitting anti-smoking campaign which includes the use of the graphic television advertisement showing a lady suffering from mouth cancer.

When I first saw that ad on TV, it was pretty startling for me especially when I was half surfing the net only to turn my head to the screen to see the part where they already zoomed in on the mouth. Like most of the people who wrote in to Today, I had thought it's the trailer for another horror movie. I can imagine the impact it will have on young impressionable kids.

Using scare tactics to attempt to make people quit smoking - my own feel - may not achieve it's desired effect.

I feel it would be better to showcase the plight of the family members/love ones of the smokers should the smoker be diagnosed with smoking related illness. A friend once said, 'when you're ill, it's your love ones who suffer most' - which I agree.

So if you're a smoker, think of your love ones.......not just the 2nd hand smoke aspect but how they will feel should anything happen to you, the mental anguish they will suffer.

19 March 2007

I'm calling on behalf of XXX Bank, are you holding any XXX bank's Credit card?

They called me on my mobile using a 'caller-number non display' line, identified themselves as 'calling on behalf of XXX bank' and yet asks if I carry XXX bank's credit card.

Firstly I don't even know where exactly they are calling from, especially since they choose to 'hide' their calling number.

Claims to be representing XXX bank yet they do not know if you're already the bank's customer and expects you to divulge personal and confidential information.

It has happened to me a few occasions and I'll shoot them down with the points I raised above. One time, the caller actually agrees with me! hah!

Last week, it happened again and this time this guy's more persistent. Saying that they are offering existing card members a chance to get a supp. card with waiver of annual fees and they are giving away a free passport holder with each successful application......duh! Don't mean to appear snobbish here but who cares for a passport holder. (which most likely will be embossed with the bank's logo on it?)
I know it's nothing new, some banks have outsourced their card's membership drive to agencies. Some of them may even have gotten our infor from Lucky draw coupons that we filled up.(some do ask you to indicate if you paid via Visa/Master - since you qualify for one card, you should qualify for the other banks). Guess that's the mode of operations for these agencies. I think, well maybe they are authentic and are not fraudsters but I think their approach needs some fine tunning.
Also just the other day a lady from this pretty well known bank to offer me balance transfer facilities 'at low interest rate'. When I turned down the offer citing reason being 'no plans for usage at the moment', she tried to hard sell me their plan where should you lose your wallet especially with all your credit cards (any bank), you just need to call one number and they will cancel all your cards for you and even protection against fraudulent use of your cards. Agian I turn her down.
And she goes like:
"Sir you mean you don't own a lot of other bank's credit cards?" I was thinking, "none of your business!" but still I politely told her I still don't see any need for it (especially not when you need to pay $49 a year!)
"Sir you mean you don't travel a lot and so is not scared of potential risk of losing your wallet overseas?" at this point, I was actually quite upset with her and almost went
"You there, you mean you don't know you're being very rude?"

10 March 2007

2nd day of the IT show at Suntec Convention Hall

2nd day of the IT show at Suntec. The place is crowded, littered and crazy. Most environmentally unfriendly event. See the brochures littered indiscriminately on the floor.

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09 March 2007

My new hobby. Making orchid potted plants

My new hobby. Making orchid plant from artificial 'orchid'. Want to buy one?

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