15 May 2007

My 'virgin bake'.....Decided to bake my mom a carrot cake for Mother's Day. Results.....too hard on the outside.......think I used a tat bit much flour.........I must try again.........

Careful with the receipts

The other day, I was shopping for stuffs at the local supermaket near my house - the one that advertised for being opened early in the morning and that you'll be able to Shop and Save- for ingredients to make Salad and Pumpkin Soup for mother's day and happened to see that the Cherry Tomatoes are on promotion. The refrigerated shelf pricing labels indicates that it is $1.70 each plastic container (punnet?).
After picking the rest of the stuffs, at the check-out counter, the cashier - a young lady wasn't sure what is the code to punch into the register for the Cherry Tomatoes and so she checked with her neighbouring cashier who advised her to key in certain code and the price was $1.95. I disputed the pricing, but the young lady looked to her colleague who arrogantly and impatiently insisted that the pricing was correct. Just as I told the cashier to ring it up and I'll go verify later, the supervisor - a guy approached and clarified that the code is different and managed to key in the correct code with the right pricing $1.70. All this time, no apology from both the cashiers and supervisor. I know it's only $0.25 difference, but what I'm trying to highlight here is the level of service or the lacking of (and the lousy attitude). In the end I choose not to make any noise and just pay and leave.
Moral of the story? better check the cash register when the cashiers rings up your purchases. but I guess nowadays bar codes are widely used and hardly the need to be punching in codes so errors are minimised also not to expect too much from such local supermarkets.