26 October 2006

Krabi - La Playa Resort

Over this long weekend, I went to Krabi with my friend.

We managed to book couple of months back, rather inexpensive air tickets from Tiger Airways and book from NTUC Income their special promos - 3 Nights stay at Krabi La Playa Resort. Sunday to Wednesday (22nd - 25th Oct).

Krabi is indeed a beautiful place to visit. The resort we stayed in is in the Ao Nang area of Krabi.

Day 1
Our flight departs 4.10pm and (an hour and 40 mins or so later) we arrived at Krabi Airport at 4.25pm (local time - like Bangkok, it's one hour behind Singapore time. However after clearing customs and waiting for other tourists under the same local tour operator to gather, we only reached the resort almost close to 7pm. Nothing much to do then but to walk around to hunt for local food for dinner. Right outside our resort we found those mobile stalls selling "Thai Pancakes" - similar to our Prata actually except you'll be spoilt with the choice of fillings like banana, mango, coconut, chocolate, strawberry etc and they will add a generous dribble of chocolate sauce /condensed milk / sugar etc. We had banana filling with chocolate sauce - heavenly - and it's only 15 baht. We walked around Ao Nang area and although there's no difficulty finding many restaurants, we decided we want to try some local food and settled for a open air hawker like eating place very near our resort. There were about 4 - 6 "stall operators" there who sells almost identical types of food. Our dinner was a simple Phad Thai with a plate of Banana fried rice with a coconut drink and a thai iced tea and it only cost us 120 baht.

After dinner stroll saw many similar shops - tailors, laundry shops, small local tour operators, bars and painting galleries. We chance upon one of the many Massage Place which was brightly lit and seems pretty crowded. So we took up a foot massage for 250 baht that lasted an hour.

We didn't quite like the room we were given....we requested for sea view but we were given one where the view from the balcony is a constuction site. We requested for a room change.....which wasn't easy, not especially when the staff have difficulty speaking in English. We were told that the resort is full and they promise us they'll look into it tomorrow and let us have the room change.

Day 2

We took up a half day 4 Island Hopping by speed boat tour.....

First stop...the Pra Nang Cave.....Ao Phra Nang Beach, Chicken Island, Poda Island.......

we got to Snorkel ............ more snorkeling and ........more snorkeling with lotsa Sand, Sun and Crystal clear Sea......

Finally we got our room changed.......

At least it's hill and sea view and not the ugly construction site where the construction starts as early as 8am. Oh and we did not request for morning call but we got one anyway at about 8.30am.....

Day 3

The weather is rather predictable during this part of the year....light showers in the afternoon that goes off as quickly as it falls. We decided to take up kayaking and booked it the night before at a small local tour operator. It was supposed to set us back 650 baht per pax but we manage to bargain with a friend's help down to 450 baht. Only drinking water and fruits provided for the half day kayaking at Ao Thalen.

Day 4

Today we're supposed to go on the city tour that's included in resort stay package. It was managed by a local tour operator See Tho Holidays. We are supposed to be brought to 2 local product stores and a thai silk and jewellery shop, thereafter we'll have lunch at a famous local duck noodles eating place.

It was pretty delicious. The duck was cooked til tender. However I think the rice noodle was not as good as I expected it to be cos the first night I chanced upon a mobile stall selling chicken noodles and the rice noodle from that stall was very "q" compared to the duck noodle.

After lunch, we were brought to the Krabi town and had the choice of shopping at the Fruits Market or the one and only shopping complex there.

Overall I would say that it was a pretty enjoyable trip and I think I would definitely be visiting Krabi again - there's still many places I've yet to explore and activities do try.

05 October 2006

Why you say that?

Sometimes I think it's funny ..........when someone made a comment on you and the comment is not true, do you keep asking "why you say it? why?" shouldn't you highlight and prove the person wrong by presenting facts and say "hey, look here ..............and so your comments aren't true."

When you ask people "why you say that", in a way it's admission that "oh what you said is true, but you shouldn't have said it"

04 October 2006

Have you tried the River Crossing Puzzle?


Leave the solution in comments or ask and I'll provide the solution:P