30 July 2007

Genting and KL Weekend!

Went to Genting Highlands and KL over the weekend (26-29 Jul).

It's been so long since I last visited Genting. So much has changed. Had an enjoyable day there playing at the outdoor theme park. Simply love those roller coaster rides. One of my favourite is the Rolling Thunder Mine Train......took it twice and would have gone for a third ride if it's not closed for maintenance....heehee.

Another one of the new rides there is the Flying Coaster. You start the ride in a standing position but it'll slowly adjust to a horizontal position so much so that you're flying like Superman.....and slowly it'll bring you up to a height of up to 4 storeys high......

After that it's whizzzzz......you'll be flying and zipping around, even turning over 360 degrees. This ride is definitely not for the faint hearted and it made me feel a little giddy after it, but it sure was quite an experience.

19 July 2007

New weekend pastime - Sentosa for tanning

Recently been going to Sentosa for suntanning quite a bit........

BKK Trip part 2

Right next to the Bangkok's Grand Thai Palace is the Wat Pho. A pretty famous temple with I think the world's largest reclining Buddha's statue.

For twenty baht per person, you can exchange for a bowl of coins - about 108 pcs of them to deposit one each in 108 bowls so as you drop a coin in each bowl as you move along, you can pray for the buddha's blessings.

Then we headed to the Grand Palace......a few re-structuring works here and there but it's really very very beautiful.

Dunno why but just love this song.....