19 July 2008

Mid Summer's Night Dream - Visit to Tian Tan Buddha

1st time (3) visiting the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island.......the world's largest outdoor bronze Buddha.

Took the HK MTR to Tung Chung station to take the cable car (also first time (4) taking this cable car).

The ride was very scenic and well a little scary at times........it was said that each cable car could hold up to 17 persons......but I just can't imagine that happening and wouldn't ever want to be in that thing with more than 8 people.

Do check with the weather station/conditions as if there's strong winds or typhoon, they will shut down the rides for the day.

Up Up and away.....

At some point, you can see the HKIA Airport.......

The weather was perfect..........not foggy and could see the Buddha clearly.

Slowly we approach the Tian Tan Big Buddha...天坛大佛.

I've always wondered why we don't get to see the Buddha when our plane take off from the HKIAirport....and this trip while the plane took off I caught a glimpse of the Buddha statue again..... from far away.......but as we ascended pretty fast and so I could not take any picture.

My relative say we are quite lucky that day as it wasn't too foggy and can get to see the Buddha statue clearly. Was very happy that day as I've always wanted to come see the Great Buddha.

Think there was like about one hundred over steps to climb up......The scenery was worth every step......

Santa ~ LuCia - Venetian Macau - Gondola Ride

Not me onboard the gondola......but nice singing.....

15 July 2008

A Mid Summer's Night Escapade

Just returned from a 1 week break - went to Macau - HK - Cruise to Xiamen and back to HK.

This trip brought back many memories, some pleasant, some not as pleasant. Still it was quite an enjoyable trip with many 1st times for me.

It's the (1) first time I took a flight out of our Changi Airport Terminal 3 (the return flight also landed on T3)

Also my (2) first visit to The Venetian - Macau.

The interior of which is very very beautiful and artistic. Makes one feel rich too.

My favourite photo

Heard that for next 2 months or so, just register a membership (FOC) with the Venetian and you can use the membership card to get a pair of Cotai Strip - ferry tickets to go to Hong Kong.

Of course no visit to Macau is complete without visiting the "Tai San Pa" - aka St Paul's Cathedral ruins.

However, it rained rather heavily the two days I spent at Macau......Did not really gamble - tho I did play the jackpot as I don't like the smoky environment of the casino. Still the casino in Venetian is so huge.....it's almost the size of 2 soccer field.

Bought some Macau tibits back for colleagues........not much shopping there....although there's still a Yaohan there, but I find Macau not not a good place to shop compared to Hongkong and the price in Macau is also more expensive.

At Senado Square in Macua, there was an exhibition of some miniatures of some of the sculptures relating to the Olympics.

02 July 2008

林宥嘉 - 伯樂

林宥嘉 - 伯樂

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個

你給過我的 他們是做不到的
雖然過去了 我們也都經歷了

釋懷教育著仇恨 和平勸著天下人
故事發生了便住下了 不管好的壞的
你讓我成長了 就算是痛得值得

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個
放棄了這一個 然後等待著下一個

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個
放棄了這一個 然後等待著下一個

離開時別忘了 看看眼前的人
流淚記住了 還是微笑祝福著