28 December 2006

Boxing Day - Earthquakes

I sometimes wonder what kind of society are we becoming if the top story of the day is "how our communications via the internet to the outside world is disrupted by an earthquake" and people's main concern are "how they can't trade online/the trouble they took to perform trading orders" instead of "what is happening to Taiwan now/how are the victims coping" etc.

Heard from the radio a very sad case of a mother who died whilst falling debris fell on her body and it was believed that she died while trying shield her child from the falling debris. When they were found, the mother was still holding on to her child.

My prayers for them.

26 December 2006

Miscomm and Misunderstooded...

The problem with me is that sometimes I never think too seriously about how what I say may sound to the listener. Sometimes when I'll be better off being quiet, I'll proceed to shoot my own foot. Then there are times I feel I should have said something but yet I let it go only to regret later.
I used to hang out with this gang of pretty good friends. As with any group there may sometimes be conflicts (quite minimal....in fact non existence for them), also laughter and joy that we shared. (some of them still take the time to read my blog....hehe....which I'm very thankful for)
During that period when I was taking up my part-time degree programme, (which actually was the 3rd time I took up a part-time degree course - I gave up half way the first 2 instance). I decided that I must really make it this time and pass all my exams. There were many instances when this particular group of friends asked me out but I turned them down without properly explaining why.
One instance I even met them by chance and I really spoke from my heart when I said I'm really appreciative of the fact they keep trying to ask me out tho I can seldom make it. I also made the silly remarks that "other people would have given up trying long ago". I did not realise how that may have sounded as I really mean it when I said I'm very touched by them for not giving up on me......in the end they misconstrued that I was being sarcastic and snobbish. Who can blame them. Thinking back, I realise (at a tortoise's rate) how silly of me to make those remarks.
I wish to express my apologies to them. In fact to everyone whom I've offended in anyway with the things I may have said expressly or otherwise.
hmmm....I think I know what my 2007's resolution will be.

21 December 2006


Friends are precious……
You only realise how precious they are usually only upon losing them…….
Treasure your friendship…..and so they say……
Respect and never Expect……easier said then done.
Life’s so full of contradictions……the irony of it all is that the people who contradict themselves do not realise it themselves.
People who can afford it are stingy, people who are poor are generous.

13 December 2006

Saw a beautiful Rainbow while walking home last evening.......what a beautiful sight to end a day..:)

12 December 2006

Went to KL over the weekend.....click on the photo above to view the album......just testing out this picasaweb album.