04 April 2009

Continuation of Taipei Trip

This is featured in one of the Taipei guide books and the rave reviews on the internet by tourists heighten my curiosity and in spite of the cold weather, I went ahead to give it a try.

This dessert stall is a famous one at Yong Kang street. It's known as Ice Monster.

There I ordered the cold trio - mango, kiwi and strawberry.....absolutely marvelous!

The next day I visited the world renowned National Palace Museum (NPM). Take MRT to Shi Lin station and change to Red Bus 30 (but limited timing) but near Shi Lin got other bus services that goes to the NPM.
Photography is prohibited inside. The many exhibits showcased chinese paintings, tools and dye making, and of particular mentioning are the jade and ivory carvings!
Another place that is mentioned in the guide book which caught my attention is 德也茶喫 - Shan Dao Temple station exit no.2 walk 3 mins - behind Sheraton Hotel. 精緻的仿膳御點成為觀光客津津樂道的招牌點心.
Their tea and starter set.
Very exquisite snacks imitating those served to the Empress Dowager in the ancient Chinese Palace.

For NTD 199 your choice of any type of chinese tea, and alacarte buffet your choice of any of the 點心

02 April 2009

X'mas Taipei Trip

Haha seeing Ah Kiong's posting on his Taipei trip makes me also wanna continue with my posting as well.....heeheee

First on my itinerary is Xi Meng Ding - 西门盯........and My first meal in Taipei......what else but 卤肉饭 and 面....very very yummy....the rice they used if I 'm not wrong is those 'pearl' rice, the type used to make sushi.

At Xi Meng Ding, there's this 小红楼 very interesting place with some history behind it.

Xi Meng Ding is very vibrant and with many eateries and small trendy shops which explains why this area is so popular with the youngsters. The black woolly jacket I'm wearing is bought from a shop there.......it is very stylish, with the zipper in front that's slanted across your body - the hood can be folded to review a very furry side that makes it appear like i wearing a fur scarf.

Next day I went to Jiu Fen - 九份. Having seen so many Taiwanese TV program showcasing this place, I told myself I must definitely include 九份 in my itinerary.

It was drizzling.....but that could not dampen my spirits.....

I recalled that one of the TV shows highlighted this 芋圆 and I tried it at this stall called
赖阿婆芋圆 which was very good as it's pretty springy.

I think purple coloured ones are made from yam, yellow ones from tapioca, green ones from mung beans, black ones from black sesame........simple yet delicious.......

The words on the red lantern actually reads "越夜越美"

In the nineties, this famous movie 《悲情城市》was filmed there.