06 June 2007

Recent trip to BKK

Went on a sight-seeing trip to BKK.

Stayed at Somerset Park Suanplu Service apt.

Had quite a pleasant stay there I must say.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is ze living area........

and ze Kitchen......Complete with ze oven and cooking utensils.....

They have TV in the living area as well as 2 other TV sets one in each room. Very nice decor. Zen and comtemporary look.

We stayed on the 23rd floor.......

Unobstructed view from the balcony on different parts of the day

We went to the floating Market- one and a half hours car ride away from Bangkok city......and first stop was a souvenir/palm sugar producing shop.... along the meandering canals....

Wanna make a quick guess what do you think the picture below is of?

Quite an experience thou nothing to buy there really for most of their wares are also available in bkk city and they are targeting at more unsuspecting tourists I supposed.

I did not really get to spend much time there.....I supposed if I did, maybe I would be able to find/see the floating market that correspond to those beautiful postcards that we see so frequently.

..............to be continued.


covantai said...

The service apartment really looked nice :) Mr Joe and me never been to the floating market and have been talking for ages to visit there but never did.

Anonymous said...

i REALLY like the group of 3 photos (the same angle at different parts of the day). Good idea! Can I try it? I love taking photos.. not very skilled can but love capturing everything.

read your email abt u & joe. Do come out with us when u r ready. for the past few years, you have been every sweet part of our group of friends. Till then, I'll be saving my four new jokes for you. Luv, krissy chan.