11 February 2008

Taiwan Celebrities Criticise Singaporean English


That's my first reaction when I first viewed that clip. Who are they to mock us?

However I must say there was another episode where they did criticize themselves and point out their own mistakes amongst themselves.

Actually the issue here is not who is superior than who in what.

The issue here is : Is it alright to mock others - on national TV - about what they perceive as 'weird' and 'funny' without having a good understanding of the culture and background of the country in question.

Do we do that on our national TV?

And well, after some 1,000 over netizens's complaints later / they did apologise.....or did they really (considering that only a few posted the apology in their personal blogs) ?

Maybe if and when that (like to dress like pregnant) teacher next visits SG, our customs officer can invite her to spend half a day or more if necessary to teach us her way of pronouncing PREGNANT before clearing her to enter SG. Maybe we throw in complimentary hearing check for her since she admitted that her hearing got problem.

Maybe we should - like what Mr Brown suggested - learn their English like their reporter below

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