26 April 2008

Mr Know It All

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who's always quick to respond with

'oh you mean now then you know? that's old news'

'I knew that long ago liao'

'that album was already released in Jan'

With an attitude like 'oh you retard...','I'm Mr Know it all'. Doesn't that just turn you off?

This attitude or type of response may be beneficial if when put to use in the work place to impress one's boss. However it makes that person a lousy conversationist. Since you already know so many things, I will think I probably won't need / like to say too much to you.

Like recently when I tried to share with someone over msn about Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love (whom recently performed on AI) and that someone's responded with 'oh that's song so long ago liao, her album out in Jan - now her other song more updated one is 'Better In Time'.

I just wanted to share the song that I thought was very nice, a song which I thought was pretty well written and such songs are so rare nowadays and you had to tried to show off that you're very up to date on the English song scene. hmmmm. So what if you think Better In Time is more up to date? It's my preference which song I like.

Also recently someone asked me what movie I think I'll most likely want to watch....I qouted "Funny Games" and after he checked out the website he commented that "just saw the trailer, quite sick actually, storyline quite shallow".....fren if you dunno how to appreciate such movies just say so, it's not shallow. Maybe it's you who is shallow.

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