14 February 2009

My Christmas 2008 Taipei Trip

It was my first time away from Singapore during Christmas season. Pretty glad it was at Taipei - a location where the climate at that time was cooling......the climate just right for Christmas.

Arrived there on 22nd Dec........was told that it was that day that the temperature dropped......experiencing lows of 13 - 18 degrees C.

Stay at The Tango Hotel - NanShi 台北-南西 at Nanjing West Rd. It's only a few steps away from the 中山 MRT station.

I would say this is the best hotel I've ever stayed in.
All the controls are on touch panels. Toiletries are refilled daily. Likewise for the 2 sachets of coffee and tea and they've like got 5 types of chinese tea. Coke, Sprite, isotonic drink, all provided free of charge and refillable.

They'll even top up daily 2 pineapple cake from 新东杨

They've got a standing rain shower. The three panels on the ceiling will converge the water on you... NICE!

And also a jacuzzi bathtub.....off the lights in the washroom and the bath has multi-coloured lights. Not to forget that they has a built in flat screen TV mounted so that you can watch TV while you soak your fatique away.......mmmmm........

What's this control panel for? It's for the jets of water to clean yourself up after u poo poo! Oh and the toilet seat is also heated!

Besides a 32 inch LCD TV, the room comes equipped with a clock radio, DVD player and even a microwave oven! All the appliances (well with the exception of the microwave oven) can be controlled by a single universal remote - which you can even use to draw the curtains!!!

They've also got very tasty breakfast with a few staples like the porridge, cereals and different types of bread while rest of the buffet dishes changes daily. Nice, friendly and helpful English speak staff. We needed to print our return flight itinerary after confirming our flight using the 2 free internet terminals at their cafe and they allowed us to use their business centre to do so without extra charges!


covantai said...

The hotel looked great! We are heading to Taipei next month too :)

Ms. Mamahnita said...

Great pics