12 July 2006

This is my first time writing a blog.

Not sure if anyone will read it. :)

Anyway I've wanted to start a blog to express how I really feel. Think it is a great way to de-stress after a hard day's work.

Here I hope to share my views on current affairs / what I observe is happening / my feelings / travelling experiences as well as photos.

First off I just wish to reflect that lately it seems that more and more people are just so into themselves. When I was in Hongkong 2 weeks ago, I noticed that they also have the campaign for people using the escalator to keep to their right.(Over here in Singapore, it's keeping left) I was pleasantly surprised that the people in Hong Kong do follow this 'rule' strigently. However and sadly I can't say the same for Singapore. Although I must say that I do see a slight improvement compared to the past when the keeping left while riding on the escalator campaign started.

However this seems only to be the case at escalators at MRT station - where they pasted signs to encourage people to keep left, but I doubt that most people even notices them as they are not prominently displayed and I see many people do not keep left when they are on the escalators in shopping centres. I believe there should be more media attention given to educate people with regard to this social etiquette which most people here are lacking of. Most people are just so self centred that they do not spare a thought for others who may be in a hurry.

I think we should change our mindset to tell ourselves that the escalator is a tool to aid our ascend or descend and not to completely rely on it. We should try if possible to keep left and better yet to make an effort to climb up while on the escalator instead of fully relying on it.l Afterall a little excercise never hurts.

I wish more people will be more considerate and be more mindful or sensitive to others around them.


Ah Kiong said...

wah i m the first to leave a message in ya blog...
cant agree more
but i m quite nasty when i do bump into these idiots
hahaha ....

joshua said...

yeah we had this long long long discussion about the escalator issue during GP tutorials in JC.


Buaya said...

One reason why I love Taiwan is the way the people there always keep to a side when using the escalators... And they even queue to enter the train automatically... :)