17 July 2006

I was pretty disappointed with the fact that mr brown's column got suspended. mr brown's column appears every Friday in TODAY's free paper. You may find out more about what happened from his blog www.mrbrown.com
My last blog I wrote about inconsiderate people and the very next day I got to witness and experience more selfishness on board the shuttle bus I take every day. It was a crowded morning as usual and more so especially since they extended to route to the sports school near my house....ok now you know I stay in Woodlands. The bus I boarded was pretty crowded but there was still space near the 1st door of the bus but a few passengers simply refuse to budge.
The bus arrived at the next stop and there was plenty of people there wanting to board the bus as well. I did what evey civic minded person would do and moved inner and to my horror I found a space there that could have easily fit in a baby elephant. I could tell from the faces of the passengers who were also standing around that they were just happy and contented that they are already on board the bus and couldn't care less if the people at the next stop are left stranded to wait for the next bus.
I feel very disgusted with such attitudes. I strongly feel that if we were want to progress to be a world class nation, we got to progress to be a more civic minded society. No wonder we are rated at the bottom 10 of world's most courteous cities.

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