11 August 2006

How polite are we?

Last night's Channel U's Shoot2 programme talked about the Politeness Survey that Reader's Digest conducted that ranked Singapore at the bottom 5 of the list of countries.
A few points were raised and among them there was the suggestion that young parents take more responsibility to inculcate their child the importance of being more mindful of other people's needs too. I fully agree and I must say that looking at some of the parents around me, I see many parents nowadays simply let their child do whatever they like.
Also just look and perhaps count how many people say thank you to the people who hands out the freesheets like TODAY or MyPaper? Hardly will you hear a handful do that.
I feel that courtesy and politeness goes hand in hand and we should realise that we are all one. Our actions will affect one another.

1 comment:

Ah Kiong said...

The other day handsome n polite ME give up my seat in the train to a pregnant lady and when she was abt to alight she offer to return the seat back to me ~ so sweet hor! => I mean, myself!

Really made my day...