30 August 2006

No Smoking at Bus-Stops

Smoking is banned at bus stops......is it really effective? Do people care? Not quite.......

in the photo above, the guy in blue (on the right) is puffing away. I smell it before actually seeing him holding the cigarette puffing away ..... there is a lady in pink who is pregnant.

I think there are some people who still smoke at bus-stops cos

1) there is no "No Smoking - Fine $XX" signs placed at bus stops

2) they couldn't care less.(partly due to Point no. 4)

3) the law did not define what constitute a bus stop and so it's debatable whether the smoker is standing in or outside the domains of a bus stop.

4) there aren't enough NEA officials to go around to catch those who breach this rule.

Still it boils down to the fact that people do not care about their own personal well being, let alone those of others.

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