07 August 2007

BKK again...haha

Yup I went to BKK again over the weekend (04-07 Aug 07).....yes again.....nope not that got mistress there or anything......this trip was to bring a friend who is in between jobs and whom have never been to BKK to relax, sightseeing and shopping of course.

This time we stayed at Citadines (Apartment + Hotel). A rather nice and cozy Apt that is walking distance to one of the Skytrain station 'Asoke' (which is also an interchange with their MRT station 'Sukhumvit').

It's relatively new as it only opened in Jan 2007. It is also under the Ascott group of service apts. Only thing that wasn't ready yet was the swimming pool. They do have a gym that I got to use every morning.

The breakfast provided was very simple. And so we only took it one morning and for the subsequent 2 mornings, we went to a nearby supermarket-cum-eatery known as Foodland that serves a simple American breakfast for 58baht.....what a bargain. You get 2 eggs (choice to have it scrambled or fried), Ham/Bacon/Sausage (choose Sausage as one morning I opt for Bacon and all I got was a strip of bacon......) Coffee or Tea, Pineapple or Orange Juice plus 2 pieces of toast with butter and jam.

The TV console can slide across the wall to be in front of the bed or the living area.

Pic of me at Chatuchak Weekend Market......

In the Grand Palace in front of the Monkeys that supports the Golden Chedi.

Depositing the coins into the 108 bowls at Wat Pho for good luck and blessings.

When you enter Wat Pho, remember to go to the ticketing counter to get your entrance tickets - it's 50baht per person. At the entrance, there's usually no guard, no barriers, no arrows to tell you where to get your ticket (depending on which entrance you enter by). After paying for the entrance, remember to ask for a receipt if you're not issued any as there isn't any tickets being issued and the receipt serves as the ticket.

This trip I travelled via JetStar and was quite surprised and happy that they actually allows you to select your seats online. But there's some facilitation charge of $6 per pax which they did not explain what that was for - seats selection?

However to my disappointment, when I checked in on my departure morning, I was dismayed to be informed by the check in staff that there are no more seats side by side for me and my friend. Upon my querying about my seats selection online, which he could not provide any explanation. except that he mumbled that there weren't any seats allocated beforehand - then he verified with us if we're ok to seat at the rows at the emergency exits.

We obliged but when we board the plane, we then realised we were both allocated aisle seats! That wasn't very nice.

Imagine the plane's seats are

Window A B C [ aisle ] D E F Window

and we were given seats C and D.

The funny thing is, when we check in for our flight back to Singapore from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi's Int'l Airport, we did not have such problems. The staff promptly inform us that the seats has already been pre-selected and allocated us the seats. I've drafted a letter to JetStar to ask for an explanation why this is so.


Ah Kiong said...

someone lost a bit of weight lei ....

Gemfighter said...

haha, ten q ten q, but i think put back a little over the Genting/KL and this Bkk trip...

covantai said...

sure got mistress there! bkk twice in 6 months?! so scandalous! :) but on a serious note, the service apt looked nice!