20 August 2007

陳奕迅 - 淘汰

When you gone past the 'you're so cute/adorable', 'miss you already' stage, next comes the I wonder if I just said something stupid stage. Then there's so many guess work on who's the one calling you now.....who sms you on what. Very tiring.


covantai said...

Indeed it is tiring but that's life :) Might as well go with the flow and enjoy the process.

Joseph2one said...

Everytime i read ur blog, i'll feel a rush of tears. I dunno how to explain but it seems like i've never know u like i do now. Well, in life, u'll never get 100% of what u wan. Even tho u plan, u fight n go thru lots of challenges. But instead, one should be happy that they did fight for what they wan & tried their best. Deep inside, u know clearly that u had actually surpass urself. That's an achievements worth treasured... =)