23 September 2007

Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival

This year is sort of like the 2nd time I'm making my own snow skin mooncake. The first attempt was last year but that was like all the ingredients were ready made by my friend and a few of us just go over to his house do the final step of wrapping the 'ready' snowskin to around the filling and casting it inside the mould.

This year, with exception from the mint-flavored 'lian rong' paste, the snowskin was prepared by 'ahemmmm' me, myself and I (oh ok lah, I bought the ready-mixed pack....heehee but still must follow the recipe to add the right amount of water and shortening to make the dough)
Brought the end-product to a gathering on Sat night and it was pretty well received.....hehee (hope they really liked it and not cos of the need to be polite for it's the first time I'm meeting them) ......tonight there will be another gathering and will be bringing it there too.....hope the response will be good too.

Due credit must also be given to JWorld for supplying the mint-flavour lian rong and the moulds.


esteem M said...

Thanks for the yummy mooncakes...and hope you really enjoyed the gathering and did not get frightened on how crazy we could get...and not having nightmares of the 嫦娥s...haha...Join us again next time ok? :)

Ah Yap said...

Ah Peh!!! Beary nicee ah beary nice!! Thanks for making the snowskin mooncake which finally my dear dear can eat!! Her favourite leh! We've been looking all over for snowskin red bean but bo. Heng u make. Kum sia kum sia...