12 May 2008

Bye Bye Mr Big Fat Ugly Liar

Recently my office said adios to a GM and he is aka Mr Big Fat Ugly Liar.

He always like to think he's very charming and handsome. Oh and he likes to once in a while boast about him ever taken part in some marathon organised by a bank here. The reaction most of us have on that is 'yah, as the jarga for the water point' is it.

He's greedy and will always be there where there is food. He also likes to pull rank over small matters like when we received a nice hamper and he'll say 'wah nice box ah, after the food-stuff is distributed, I want the box......who dares to fight with me over the box? here only one person's position who is higher than me...." Like that win liao loh (but there's been another GM who is worse I guess....she will gladly 'absorp' the whole hamper.)

Most people don't like him, with the exception of a few ball lickers. pui! These are the people who even bothered to give him farewell lunch. Faintz........a few of them asked me if I like to join in.....my reaction? - I rather take my money to buy food to feed stray dogs....at least the dog will wag it's tail.
The reason for his departure? He has been made to report to his nemesis - who was recently promoted to deputy director....wahaha......Heaven have eyes.
He boastfully declared to us whilst announcing his departure that he'll be going over to the next company as CFO woh. When he was giving us a long speech in his room about his intention of leaving he even feint concern about me - for that he was the one who 'invited' me over to join his team but now he is leaving blah blah blah....and I was like 'shut up you big fat ugly liar and let me go out and spread the good news!'
Anyway my sympathies to the next company and staff he will be joining.


Buaya said...

Congrats... :)

Gemfighter said...

haha thank you :)