29 May 2008

Sharon Stone(d?) Thinks May 12 Earthquake in China is due to Karma

Sharon Stone's "karma" is having an instant effect on her movie-star status in China. The 50-year-old actress suggested last week that the devastating May 12 earthquake there could have resulted from bad karma over the government's treatment of Tibet.
Sharon Stone has annoyed the owner of the leading Chinese cinema chain to the point where he's pledged not to show her films.
Today reports that Christian Dior which has a modelling contract with Stone , said it had decided to "immediately cancel and stop any advertisements, marketing campaigns and commercial activities associated wtih Sharon Stone.
Mdm Stone - how's that for Karma?
You would have thought that her wisdom would commensurate with her age.......

In her response to the media query at Festival de Cannes on if she is aware of the earthquake in China and she suggested the devastating May 12 earthquake there could have been the result of bad "karma" -- China's treatment of ethnic Tibetans and their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama - whom Sharon claims to be a personal friend of. I can imagine the frown on the Dalai Lama's face when he hears about that.

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