15 August 2009

Devastating Typhoon Morakot.....

Past few days, thanks to the cable news - I've been watching the updates on the devastation brought upon Taiwan by the Typhoon Morakot.

A statue of Buddha submerged under the water and debris.

Morakot lashed Taiwan with at least two metres (80in) of rain over the weekend.

To some parts of the world, that may be the amount of rainfall for a whole year.

Economic losses due to Morakot have been estimated at U.S. $274 million.

There were reports of a whole village that has gone submerged under mudslides. Also instances where some people lost a total of 17 family members or more to the mudslide all at once.

One helicopter on its way to perform search and rescue operations, crashed into the valley and all 3 crew members were found dead.
Some villagers lucky enough to escape death are trapped as roads and bridges are destroyed and communications to the outside world is cut. Many are starving as the weather conditions could not allow any food supplies to be sent. For past few days there were no water or electricity.

The six-storey hotel in the vid above has been the effort of a Taiwanese guy for at least 30 yrs.........collapsed and washed away just like that.
It really saddens me to hear of all these.
I hope many will join me in my prayers for those who have suffered directly or indirectly due to the typhoon and hope the people of Taiwan will quickly recover from it.
Namo Armitabha

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covantai said...

Yes, it is really saddening to see the disaster. I too hope that the affected people stay strong and positive to rebuild their homes.