27 September 2009

Pet Peeves

I hate it when people

1) walk and smoke at the same time along some passageway. Japan has already banned that!

2) (especially ladies) who only start to dig into their super big hangbag upon reaching the MRT station gate to search for their Link pass and obstruct the human traffic flow or

3) like doing a CT scan of their bag over the sensor at the MRT station gate sensor for they dunno where their card is located in some corner of their bag.

4) buy cigarette and lighter at Cheers and wanna pay by NETS, declined already still ask if can pay via VISA then finally dig out $12.20 to pay via cash.

5) like machiam signed contract with a certain seat on the bus in the morning. Got space to move in behind but stand and obstruct people from moving inwards.

6) who peak period stand on right side of the escalator. Can't read the sign but should be able to observe that majority of the people who are not walking up the escalator are keeping to the left!

added on 31.10.09:-

7) after tapping their card at the MRT gates, stare at the tiny screen (check value) for the eternity like as if every 5 seconds they stare at they will gain 5 cents more in their card.

8) people who scared that everyone else will be bored like they are and so decide to share their songs by playing them out loud using their phones or who feels that they could make better use of their train journey by choosing and changing their ringing melody! Thanks but no thanks!

......to be continued.


covantai said...

Hahahaha, i second that!

john chen hui long said...

yup, they tick me off too!

downlights said...

nice posting keep blogging,

cayun said...

nice posting..

Anonymous said...

I like so much this blog!!