13 June 2008

Birthday Cake for the Jun Babies

I recently baked a cake - Cranberry Almond Cake for my three friends in my group whose birthday falls in Jun.

I know..... looks kinda scary huh... partly cos I was in a rush.....went to Sembawang MRT station for that famous shop that sells all the ingredients and stuffs (like the maroon tray in the pic with a transparent cover) only to realise that that outlet has since closed.
No choice as I still need the cover+tray+candles etc and so I rushed down to Jurong East where I know there's another outlet.
The recipe for the cake is actually the same as the one found here. I just substituted carrots with cranberries known for it's antioxidant properties and I used Almonds instead of walnuts or pecans. Oh and as suggested by a contributor at the recipe website, I used one cup brown sugar + one cup white sugar instead 2 cups of white sugar. Pretty positive response from those who attended the party and ate it......normally a cake this size will have leftovers but this round they totally 'cleaned' it up. Maybe well they were hungry as we had not had our dinner yet when we cut the cake. Hope they were not patronising me. :)
Decorated the cake with 3 gooseberries (one for each birthday)...heehee.

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covantai said...

Wah, nice! You are always so thoughtful to have creative birthday gifts :) I also have three birthdays in my family this month!