11 June 2008

Everyone should have a friend like 'Charlotte'

SATC (spoiler alert) - do not read further if you have not watched SATC and have the intention to do so.
One of the scenes that is etched on my mind is (the expression on her face) that when Charlotte said "NO!" to Mr Big after Carrie smashed her bouquette of white roses at him and he wanted to explain things further with Carrie. Two questions popped up.
One - will Kristin Davis be nominated if not win a best actress award for that?
Two - everyone (myself included) needs a friend like Charlotte. I wonder if currently will any of my friends stand up for me and tell whom they see is hurting me a big "NO!"

1 comment:

Buaya said...

I know this comment is kinda late... But I read this only now... :p

Remembering the scene when she shouted 'No' can still bring tears to my eyes...

Yes, I need friends like her...