02 June 2008

SATC - Sex and The City Movie

Just back from catching the long awaited SATC - Sex and The City Movie.

Ok if you have watched it too, good for u. If you have not, I won't spoil it for you by telling you that eventually Carrie will.....................just kidding.

I went for the extended version......the 175 mins - 30 mins was more of like "The making of....SATC" rather than a recap of what had happened, then 145 mins for the movie itself. Must alert those going for this 175 mins version that it actually starts with the 30mins - Intro-plus-making-of before the commercials come on. So you should be seated in the theatre on time so you wont' miss it as I think it does starts punctually. When the adverts come on, then you can go to the restroom if you need to cos there' really lotsa lotsa lotsa adverts....till the point I feel like shouting 'Enuff with the adverts already....."

Quite a few emotions hit me whilst watching the movie..........The actresses are great, the scripts pretty well written and I do hear a few sniffles throughout the movie. A friend whom I dragged to watch it (as he originally wanted to watch Narnia) also enjoyed the moive.

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